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Year 4 of Building Benchmark BC showed stellar participation yet again with over 1,700 participating buildings and more than 13.8 million square meters of floorspace! This year’s report features the benchmarking results alongside the Fraser Point hot water heating retrofit case study, as well as a special feature on Multifamily housing using proprietary modelling algorithms to forecast what decarbonization in this sector could look like at scale. Check out the interactive Year 4 Annual Report here.
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To see the results for yourself and dig into the data in a visual format, please see the Disclosure Map. This site allows you to see all of the buildings that agreed to publicly share their building performance data.

Previous Reports

If you are curious to see how the program has evolved over time, you can view the reports for past years here:

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Discover benchmarking, what's involved in the program, and the benefits of participating. Recorded February 20th, 2024.

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Building Benchmark BC

Supporting property owners through a changing landscape

Building Benchmark BC is a voluntary benchmarking and disclosure program, currently in its 5th year of operation.

Want to help benchmarking grow? By participating in voluntary benchmarking and disclosure, you can ensure that your voice is heard in the in industry shift towards increased building performance. And you can also learn more about how your building(s) are stacking up against the BC building stock.

Year 4 of Benchmark BC was a great success! Click below to see the results and read the report.

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Partiall Funded by Natural Resources Canada CleanBC Real Estate Foundation of BC BC Hydro Integral OGBS OPEN Technologies GRID by OPEN

Building Owners and Managers

Valuable opportunity for property owners and managers:

Competitive insights

Gain insight into not just your own energy usage, but also how this compares to similar buildings

Capitalize on opportunity

Attract and retain tenants who value transparency and responsible building management

Gain awards

Receive recognition for your building’s performance or your efforts to increase its performance

Display leadership

Show the industry you are a leader engaged in changing the built landscape

Influence regulations

Influence the direction of potential future benchmarking and disclosure regulations


Get help setting up ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager (ESPM) and syncing with utility providers

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Do you represent a local government? Join us!

BC Hydro City of Burnaby Capital Regional District Township of Esquimalt Kamloops Township of Langley Metro Vancouver City of Nanaimo New Westminster City of North Vancouver District of North Vancouver City of Port Coquitlam City of Port Moody City of Richmond Saanich City of Surrey The University of British Columbia City of Vancouver City of Victoria District of West Vancouver

Robust dataset

Creation of a robust dataset of local building performance that can better quantify GHG emissions across the region

Incentivize intelligently

Knowing what themes exist in top performers, we can then incentivize impactful changes

Buildings will do better

Data suggests building owners who have information are more likely to retrofit to optimize

Support services

We get program support from OPEN, including an established technology backend, support in program design, and customer support for property owners

Build capacity

Building capacity among our staff to understand and support higher building performance

Work collaboratively

Working within a cohort of local governments working to achieve energy and emissions reductions in the built sector

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How to Register

Are you interested in joining in? Want to learn more about your buildings and how they measure up? Would you like free insights on how to improve your building performance? Then it’s time to sign up!

Here is how it works:

  1. 1. Register

    Register by March 31, 2024 for Year 5.

  2. 2. Submit Your Data

    We will provide you with information on how to share your building data. Deadline for collection is May 31, 2024.

  3. 3. Validation

    We will work with you to validate the data that you provided, as well as provide you with a detailed performance scorecard.

  4. 4. Disclose

    Share your results with others on the public disclosure map (note that this is completely optional, but encouraged).

Frequently Asked Questions

Nope! We are gathering names to start. We will connect with you to figure out the best way to share your data. After that, each additional step will be outlined to you and you can choose to progress forward or opt out.
Yes, and we can help you obtain that data from your utilities. We will work with you to set-up an automatic sync between the utilities and your account, at which point you can choose to forward that data to us.
This program has two components, benchmarking and disclosure. We encourage participation in the benchmarking component even if disclosure is not an option for you. Disclosure of your data will be a choice you can make after you have information available about your building's performance. We will never share your data without your consent. We hope that you do choose to disclose (as it helps to move the industry forward and leads to energy and GHG reductions), but if needed, you may change your mind at any time and make the data private again.
Nope! There are no regulations in place that require specific performance, so sharing your data into this program will not get you in trouble.
When you register, we just need to collect your contact information and number of buildings. When you share your data, we will need; building name and address, total gross floor area of property, year of construction, primary property type, and monthly energy data.
Sign up as soon as possible to make the data submission deadline of May 31 2023. We will send out some initial information right away, and then reach out to help you get connected into the program. Those who sign up earlier will get information and help earlier!
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