Building owners and managers

Are you losing money to inefficiencies with how you’re managing your energy? Have you overlooked an opportunity to retrofit and save in the long run?

We want to help keep you competitive with your peers, and ensure you are a part of the conversation around our changing landscape of energy management.

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Why you should care

Commercial/Industrial Buildings

Competitive insights

Gain insight into not just your own energy usage, but also how this compares to similar buildings

Capitalize on opportunity

Attract and retain tenants who value transparency and responsible building management

Gain recognition

Receive recognition for your building’s performance or your efforts to increase its performance

Display leadership

Show the industry you are a leader engaged in changing the built landscape

Encourage Consistency

As jurisdictions start to tackle building energy benchmarking, encourage region-wide collaboration


Get help setting up ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager (ESPM) and syncing with utility providers

Why you should care

Residential Buildings

Learn Usage

Get aggregate data for all apartments from utility providers and learn the total energy usage

Better Budgets

Understanding energy performance is the first step in managing energy costs

Invest Intelligently

See where to invest in small energy-use upgrades to lower your operating costs and strata fees

Life Cycle Savings

Build a business case for large equipment replacement or envelop renovations

Property Value

Energy benchmarking and associated upgrades can demonstrate a building is 
well run


Earn recognition that can be used by owners and real estate agents when selling/renting a condo

Frequently Asked Questions

  • If I tell you I’m interested, am I obligated in any way?

    Nope! We are gathering names to start. We will connect with you to help set up your ESPM profile or get your ESPM ID, but if you decide there isn’t value in seeing your own energy use data, you are not obligated to continue. After we’ve set that up, each additional step will be outlined to you and you can choose to progress forward or opt out.

  • Do I need my energy use information to participate?

    We can facilitate you authorizing the utility provider(s) to automatically sync your data into your account, at which point you can choose what data to forward to us.

  • Is my data going to be publicly shared?

    This program has two components, benchmarking and disclosure. We encourage participation in the benchmarking component even if disclosure is not an option for you. Disclosure of your data will be a choice you can make after you have information available about your building's performance. We will never share your data without your consent. Assuming you do choose to disclose, if needed your consent can be revoked at any time.

  • Could my performance data get me in trouble?

    Nope! There are no regulations in place that require specific performance, so sharing your data into this program will not get you in trouble.

  • What do I need to get started?

    Today we just need to collect your contact information and number of buildings, but soon you will need; building name and address, total gross floor area of property, year of construction, primary property type, and some account information from your BC Hydro and/or Fortis BC statements.

  • What's the deadline?

    Sign up as soon as possible to make the first data submission deadline of May 31st 2021. We will send out some initial information right away, and then reach out to help you get set up with ESPM and connected into the program. Those who sign up earlier will get information and help earlier!